The MRK Gallery Story
Responsible and inspired use of materials is one of our core values. 

So it was only natural for us to turn to upcycling as a way of expressing our passion for creating things. 

Through the MRK Gallery (Marketing Gallery), we hope to be able to use our own advertising and promotional materials produced during campaigns for our various clients, our own collectibles, such as die-cast cars, toys, and figurines, as well as junkyard items (old lamps, pipes, faucets, bicycle parts, etc.) to create decorative pieces. Watch this space for more information about this project.
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TimeLine Achievements
  • The launch

    Jean Haddad, an advertising and marketing professional, founds Direct Marketing S.A. as a boutique communication agency that combines creativity and field distribution expertise.

  • Sampling boxes

    Direct Marketing S.A. launches themed product sampling boxes that captivate consumers and brand owners alike. Multi-brand and multi-item kits like Hapi Summer, Snow Breeze, Night Round and Kidzibox quickly become hot products in the advertising field.  


  • Exclusive sampling kits

    Direct Marketing S.A. develops brand-specific sampling boxes that allow clients to exclusively showcase a range of their products in one single catchy kit, thus maximizing their exposure.

  • passion for sports

    Direct Marketing S.A.’s founder, Jean Haddad, brings his passion for sports to the agency, and launches a new line of services under sports marketing. The first events are the Fitness Academy Tour and Escapade.


  • Original Activations

    With its reputation as a trusted and expert marketing agency growing, Direct Marketing S.A. signs major deals with international brands like Lipton and Kellogg’s to develop original activations and sports marketing events for their products.


  • First activity for Halter

    Direct Marketing S.A. launches the first sampling pack for the Swiss candy maker, Halter, setting the foundation for one of the longest and most successful business relationships in the agency’s history.

  • Massive sampling

    Direct Marketing S.A. handles massive field operations for Pepsi-Cola International for the first time ever. Chilled samples for brands like AMP, Diet Mirinda and H2Oh! exceed 20,000 units per activation distributed in just a couple of weeks. 

  • The biggest F.A.T. to date

    The Fitness Academy Tour, Direct Marketing S.A.’s major sports marketing event, sees its biggest edition to date with over 400 participants coming together to take part in fun and challenging group workouts.

  • Customizable sampling

    Direct Marketing S.A. handles a variety of activities for Nestlé cereals throughout the year. We create a visually customizable sampling cup in the shape of a popcorn box that guarantees ease of distribution.

  • Kapital D

    With the Lebanese economy struggling, Direct Marketing S.A. launches cost-efficient services for more budget-conscious clients. The quality services are the same. The only difference is the cost.

  • 18th Anniversary

    Celebrating 18 years doing what we love & looking forward to more creative partnerships and collaborations in the years to come.

  • The Sabbatical year

    With the massive unrest in the country, the financial collapse of the banking sector & the Covid-19 pandemic ravaging the world, we decided to suspend temporary our activities. 
    Stay Safe!
    We look forward to seeing you again in 2021.