Creative Sampling
Product sampling is one of the most effective tactics of field marketing. It’s great for getting your product into consumers’ hands. But at Direct Marketing S.A., we don’t just stop at that. We get the all-important emotional engagement to drive consumers to buy and embrace your product, after they’ve tried it.

When it comes to production, we work with the best suppliers to produce flawless, eye-catching material. But that’s not all. We are so involved in every step of the production and distribution processes that we never miss a quality control or a set deadline.

When it comes to execution, we create direct, high-impact and non-traditional sampling campaigns that reach your target audience and allow them to experience the essence of your brand. We sample at a variety of locations, such as trade shows, supermarkets, shopping centers, health centers, universities, business offices, streets and outdoor events. We aim to hit the mark, wherever, whenever and whoever that mark may be. Our campaigns work because we target the right time, the right place and the right people in a cost-effective way.

In short, when you sample with us, you’re partnering with a marketing company that knows the business and territory inside out.

Take a look at our creative sampling portfolio.