Brand: Pepsico
Product: SunBites
Client: Wondereight c/o Manyfood
When a product goes through a rebranding exercise, the risk of losing customers is not to be taken lightly. 

To mitigate this risk, Wondereight – the agency handling Sunbites - asked us to help them introduce the new Sunbites look, as well as the new line of oven-baked crackers. These contain less calories than usual crackers, and can be used as a tasty substitute to toast over breakfast with labneh, or even for nibbles. 

Under the theme of “Be good to yourself,” we sampled Sunbites crackers among a primarily female target group in nail bars, beauty salons, shopping areas, and business offices. 

The crackers were so welcome during the distribution activity that many people didn’t wait till they got home to dig into the bags.