Master Chips
Product: POPS
When we partnered with Master to launch their latest innovation, Master Pops, we wanted to do something extra special. After all, it was our first activity with the company in more than 12 years. 

Master Pops are the first air popped potato chips in the Lebanese market. They come in four flavours: Sea Salt, Thai Sweet Chili, Cheddar Cheese and BBQ. And they’re 70% less fat. Clearly, they deserved a distinct launch. 

Dressed in stylish denim vests, with pins illustrating the four Master Pops flavours attached to them, and carrying branded tote boxes filled with Master Pops samples, our promoters toured the selected distribution spots, including universities, health clubs, offices, shopping areas, and nightlife areas, treating patrons and passers-by to Master’s latest crunchy un-fried chips. And for an additional lighter-than-air touch in specific locations, we attached helium balloons to the tote boxes. 

The result: People loving and wanting more of Master’s popped chips to snack on and/or share with their family and friends.