Henkel - PERSIL Gel
Brand: Henkel
Product: Persil Gel Liquid Laundry Detergent
Client: Henkel - Lebanon
Lebanese consumers are used to using powder laundry detergent. So when Henkel released the Persil Gel Liquid Laundry Detergent on the Lebanese market, they knew that they had to go the extra mile to convince them to shift to using gel detergent. That’s why they came to us to help them get consumers to change their habit.

The objective of the campaign was to inform our target – women – of the many features of the gel liquid, including cleaning effectively, dissolving without leaving residue on clothes, and having a longer lasting fragrance compared to powder detergents. So what better way to do this than to give them free samples to let them see for themselves?

We ran two different bursts for the client, targeting women in offices, beach resorts, nail bars, beauty shops and hair studios. We created a special sampling pack, containing Persil Black Gel and Persil Natural Gel and an informative brochure. The result: Consumers loved the new powerful product and Henkel saw an increase in Persil Gel sales.

Even more so, Henkel entrusted us with the promotion of Persil Gel every time they improve or add a variant to their formula, and would like to introduce it to consumers. 

Below a series of activities launched in between 2010 & 2016.