Henkel - Le Chat
Brand: Le Chat
Product: Le Chat Laundry Detergent
Client: Henkel - Lebanon

Famed for their hypoallergenic formula, Le Chat products are recommended for mothers of young children with sensitive skin.

When Le Chat’s local team came to us to activate their promo campaign, they wanted to have targeted access to women and mothers. We developed such a close partnership with them that we worked on their campaign for three consecutive years, during which we sampled a pack containing a Le Chat hand soap bar and a 300g bag of powder detergent.

During the first year, we distributed customized kits to women in special gatherings, brunches, beach resorts and offices. During the second and third year, we targeted children’s schools and women-only gatherings on the occasion of Mother’s Day. For schools, we rebranded the kits to feature a Mother’s Day greeting, which pupils could use to send a personal message to their moms.

The targeted campaign was a great way to get Le Chat’s laundry products directly into mothers’ hands so that they could try them and see the difference.

A couple of years later, we relaunched the sampling kits in beach resorts.