Nestle Corporate Event
Brand: Nestlé
Product: Nestlé breakfast cereals event
Client: Société pour l'Exportation des Produits Nestlé
In 2011, Nestlé Middle East tapped us to help organize one of their corporate events, as part of the company’s global communication strategy under the themes: “Eat Right, Live Well” and “Discover Your Way to a Healthy Living”.

Following Nestlé’s request, we divided the event into two parts, incorporating our fitness expertise. In the morning, a Nestlé nutritionist hosted an educational session about healthy eating, stressing in particular on the importance of having a full and rich breakfast, including fruits, milk and Nestlé cereals. In the afternoon, we scheduled a fitness session consisting of fun and motivational workouts, and wellness tips.

The event helped build the employees’ team spirit and encouraged them to embrace the kind of active and healthy lifestyle Nestlé cereals stands for and promotes publicly.