Special K-Day
Brand: Kellogg’s
Product: Special K
Client: EAM - Ets. Antoine Massoud
The Special K Confidence Challenge is a great kick-start to a healthier lifestyle. And Kellogg’s wanted to remind women of the program’s benefits with a fun and entertaining activity. So they hired us to help them make it happen.

The Special K-Day was our second large event for Kellogg’s Special K. This time around, we organized a themed day and invited 140 media professionals and key influencers to spend a day the Special K way at the Country Lodge resort. Invitees enjoyed workouts, relaxation sessions, healthy food, nutrition tips and tarot readings offered by the K-Bar, K-Gym, K-Nutrition Desk, K-Lounge and K-Zone. They also tried the new Special K Dark Chocolate Bar, which we distributed in customized kits we had produced.

We designed the whole event so that our target could experience the Special K lifestyle in an exciting setting. In the end, invitees spent an unforgettable day getting to know the product, and Kellogg’s Special K won 140 new fans with the potential to influence thousands of others to become ones too.