Johnson Pure Protect
Brand: Johnson & Johnson
Product: Pure Protect
Client: Columbus
It’s not always easy to demonstrate what makes particular personal care products stand out, especially ones aimed at kids. So when Johnson’s decided to launch its new Pure Protect kids range in the Lebanese market, they asked for our creative support to help make consumers (parents and kids) connect with the product. 

We developed an interactive sampling activity in Nurseries, KG1, KG2 & G1 classes. We gave each young student a personalized certificate, on which they could make a handprint to squash a germ drawn on the document. Afterwards, our promoters cleaned the kids’ hands with Johnson’s Pure Protect kids wipes. 

We also gave each child a sampling pack including a bar of soap, a shower gel, and an informative brochure about Johnson’s new line of anti-germ products that they could take home.

The activity resonated with kids and their parents. In our post-activity assessment, we found that, when kids took the sampling packs home, they were able to explain to their parents how Johnson’s new kids products worked and asked that they use start using them.