Brand: Johnson & Johnson
Product: Carefree Cotton Liners
Client: Columbus
Our commitment to marketing excellence meant that we usually had repeat clients. Case in point, Carefree, for which we handled the massive sampling campaigns (30,000-40,000 units) six times over a six-year period.

To promote personal hygiene and the new Carefree cotton liners, we developed a sampling campaign targeting women of different ages in different locations. For every burst, we had a special sampling kit. Every burst had its own customized sampling kit. In the most recent campaign, we used vehicle livery for the first time with Carefree in order to reinforce brand awareness.

From nail bars, beauty salons and health clubs, to universities, schools, shopping malls, clothing stores and movie theaters, our promoters explained the benefits of using pantyliners, stressing on the comfort of Carefree’s new cotton product.

Our work for Carefree contributed to the success of the brand in the Lebanese market year after year.